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OfficeMate/ExamWRITER Version 10.8 Information

OfficeMate/ExamWRITER version 10.8 (v10) delivers cutting-edge technology to amplify the performance and profitability of your practice. Upgrading requires a commitment from you, so read further to see what’s next.

What You Need to Know

You'll need to complete the following steps to ensure a successful implementation:

  1. Log into the new MyInstallCenter website.
  2. Meet the hardware and system requirements.
  3. Take all required training.
  4. Complete all preinstallation requirements.
  5. Download and install v10.

Why You Should Upgrade

OfficeMate/ExamWRITER v10 is certified as a Complete EHR by CCHIT! This version will help you achieve meaningful use, and, more importantly, qualify for federal stimulus money. In addition to the features added to satisfy meaningful use, many other improvements were made to the software:

Meaningful Use
Many of the changes that we made allow you to use OfficeMate/ExamWRITER as your certified EHR, enabling you to report meaningful use measures to the government and obtain your incentive money.  For more information on achieving meaningful use in OfficeMate and ExamWRITER, go to our Meaningful Use Starter Kit. Additional features include:

  • Fields in OfficeMate and ExamWRITER are marked [MU] to identify meaningful use information.
  • Comprehensive documentation and training to help you integrate meaningful use objectives into your workflow.
  • Reports help you keep track of core meaningful use objectives, calculate criteria percentages, and generate reports required by EHR incentive programs.

VSP Interface
The VSP Interface has been enhanced to streamline your workflow and enable you to obtain authorizations and submit VSP lab orders and claims more quickly and more accurately than in prior OfficeMate versions.  With v10, you will be able to successfully and more easily use the VSP Interface. Additional improvements include:

  • Increased reimbursements through the Eye Health Management program.
  • The VSP Setup Assistant helps you get up and running with sending VSP claims and orders directly from OfficeMate.
  • Insurance setup has been streamlined, requiring fewer clicks and no more copying and pasting from one window to another.
  • OfficeMate checks the authorization, the order, and the fee slip to ensure accuracy and fewer rejections.

Fee Slips
Editing line items in fee slips will be easier and more intuitive in OfficeMate v10. Additional improvements include:

  • Ability to edit open charges. In v10, you will be able to designate which charges to post, which to close, and which to leave open.
  • Ability to add discounts by line item. In v10, you can add discounts by line item in the Fee Slip Item Additional Data window.

Improvements in v10 reduce the complexity of the line items displayed in the ledger and make completing tasks such as reverses/corrections, edits, and changing payment types easier. Additional improvements include:

  • The date of service is displayed for each line item.
  • System-generated adjustments are hidden by default.

Appointment Scheduler
OfficeMate v10 includes improvements to increase the speed, make setting up service templates easier, and make the display more user-friendly.  Additional improvements include:

  • Users of v8 and earlier will notice an all-new, faster scheduler.
  • Users of v9 will now be able to delete available time slots from the schedule, create and copy service templates in fewer steps, and view multiple providers and resources at the same time.

Third Party Processing
While processing insurance claims in OfficeMate, you often receive many errors, especially if you do not have certain information properly set up in OfficeMate. v10 eliminates many of the causes of these errors. A few ways errors are reduced include:

  • Patients with blank marital status and blank employment status are updated to say “Unknown” to prevent rejections.
  • Medicare jurisdiction type claims autopopulate based on place of service.

We made significant improvements to the installation process of v10 so that installing the OfficeMate Suite is easier and less stressful on you and your IT technicians. Additional improvements include:

  • Installation options are more clearly labeled.
  • Fewer clicks are required throughout the installation process.

If you recently installed a version of the OfficeMate Suite, you noticed a new part of the program called “Home Office.” To many of you, working within “Home Office” and a location, distribution center, or lab gets confusing. v10 eliminates much of the confusion surrounding the administration portion of the OfficeMate Suite and provides preferences to activate new areas of functionality or to keep them turned off until you and your staff are prepared to train and use them.

Our Commitment to You

We’re committed to assisting you through this upgrade and will continue to provide and update the tools and resources you need for a smooth implementation. Check this page periodically for the latest information.