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OfficeMate & ExamWRITER Training

The Training & Education department is committed to being there to guide you through your OfficeMate & ExamWRITER implementation process. To accommodate your busy schedule, we provide recorded video tutorials and live, instructor-led WebEx courses so that you can access training when it’s convenient for you.

Set up and navigate the basic parts of the software using short recorded video tutorials, available on demand 24/7—most are under 15 minutes. Register for instructor-led WebEx courses, available to learn more detail or ask questions of a trainer specific to your office’s needs. The choice is yours—leverage any and all of the training available to enhance your learning experience and successfully run OfficeMate and ExamWRITER software in your practice.

We’ve broken it down into four easy steps—Get Ready, Get Set, Go, and Keep It Running. Each step is outlined below, and our training will help ensure your continued success with our products.

Instructor-Led WebEx Courses

Get Ready
Overview and preparation classes

Get Set
Setup and customization classes

Functionality classes, including meaningful use recorded video tutorials

Keep it Running
Additional training and resources

register for instructor-led courses

For answers to training questions, send an e-mail to eyefinityuniversity@eyefinity.com.