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Training & Education

The Training & Education department offers the following OfficeMate and ExamWRITER training options:

Recorded Video Tutorials
We recommend that all new clients view these tutorials before participating in instructor-led courses. These tutorials are not just for new OfficeMate/ExamWRITER clients though; view these informative and educational videos if you are a new employee at a practice, to refresh your software program knowledge, and for reference when you need help answering a question about OfficeMate/ExamWRITER. Our trainers keep these videos up-to-date with the latest program features at all times.

The recorded video tutorials are available at no charge, 24×7×365, and can be viewed as many times as desired. To view the tutorials, click here. You must have speakers; the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player; and a high-speed Internet DSL, cable, or T1 connection in order to successfully view and hear recorded video tutorials.
Instructor-Led Courses
We offer online instructor-led courses powered by WebEx that you can complete from the convenience of your home or office. You see exactly what our trainers are doing on your computer monitor while listening to their live, step-by-step explanations over the telephone.

Access a list of courses and a class schedule on our Web site. To participate in an instructor-led course, choose a course, date, and time that is best for you and register online. You must have a high-speed Internet DSL, cable, or T1 connection in order to successfully view online instructor-led courses.
Private Courses
Private online courses powered by WebEx can be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for your office and our trainers to cover particular areas of concern specific to your office. These courses are available only after you’ve completed your regularly scheduled online instructor-led courses. Each private course is $150.00 per hour. E-mail our training department at eyefinityuniversity@eyefinity.com to schedule private courses. You must have a high-speed Internet DSL, cable, or T1 connection in order to successfully view private online courses.
Onsite Consultation
An OfficeMate/ExamWRITER implementation trainer can come to your office to work with you and your staff to improve your understanding of your software's functionality. The implementation trainer will also help you "go live" with the software in your office. Onsite consultations must be booked at least one-month in advance. There is a two-day minimum for all onsite consultations. For more information about onsite consultations, including fees, send an e-mail message to eyefinityuniversity@eyefinity.com.
Educational Conferences
Get the most out of OfficeMate® and ExamWRITER®. Make your OfficeMate and ExamWRITER software work for you...learn tips and tricks to maximize your potential. Learn from the experts how to increase revenue and enhance patient care through effective office management and EHR management by attending one or more of Eyefinity’s highly sought after education conferences.

Get two-and-a-half days of live hands-on training from our industry experts. Using your own laptop computer to access our cloud-based data, learn how OfficeMate and ExamWRITER can work for you. You are sure to return to your practice with ideas to implement something new!

Also, new in 2014 - Eyefinity EHR Educational Conferences are being offered!

Registration for the 2014 Educational Conferences is now open at Eyefinity.com!
Eyefinity Virtual Users' Group Meeting
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network online with other Eyefinity clients from around the country while learning how to increase revenue and enhance patient care. With our powerful, in-depth training, we have the resources to make you and your practice successful!

The 2013 Virtual Users' Group Meeting's theme was "Innovation Integration for the Future." Stay tuned for information about the upcoming 2014 meeting! It's easy to be a part of our annual Users' Group Meetings as the entire meeting is conducted online to save you money and better fit into your busy schedule. Whether you are a new or seasoned Eyefinity client, this convenient online meeting will have something for you and your staff!

Access additional information about the Users' Group Meeting here! You must have a high-speed Internet DSL, cable, or T1 connection in order to successfully participate in the Eyefinity Virtual Users' Group Meeting.