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RLISYS to OfficeMate Data Conversions

On April 1, 2006, RLISYS Practice Solutions was acquired by OfficeMate Software Solutions, which was, at the time, the software division of Marchon Eyewear (read press release here). This acquisition reinforced and further demonstrated OfficeMate’s commitment to the eyecare software industry. With RLISYS, Eyefinity now extends its leadership in the eyecare software industry with over 8,500 offices using our practice management and electronic medical records software solutions.

If you elect to convert data from your RLISYS software program into OfficeMate, Eyefinity will provide convenient and cost-effective data conversion services to help your office transition smoothly from RLISYS to OfficeMate. Our conversion specialists have converted more than 1,500 practices from more than 100 different third party and custom practice management systems, including RLISYS. We have developed a few options and payment programs to facilitate converting your existing RLISYS license to OfficeMate/ExamWRITER. After you purchase OfficeMate/ExamWRITER and an RLISYS data conversion, the Sales team will send you conversion and license documents to complete. When they receive your completed documents, they will ship your OfficeMate Suite software to you so that you can install it; begin your training; and enter data into OfficeMate, as outlined in our Conversion Packet. We will then schedule a conversion date with you and a Conversion Specialist will contact you to finalize your conversion information. On your conversion date, we will access your data via the Internet, extract it, and convert it into OfficeMate. Once the data conversion is completed, we will, once again via the Internet, download the data directly into your system, and you can begin to fully use your OfficeMate practice management software.

Your conversion to OfficeMate will include the following data:

  • Patient demographics, including name, address, city, state, Zip code, phone numbers, social security number, date of birth, gender, marital status, e-mail address, employer, and employment status
  • Recall dates and types
  • Last exam dates (last visit)
  • patient and insurance A/R balances forward
  • Insurance carrier information, including name, address, phone number, contact
  • Appointment types, future dates and times, providers, and comments
  • Spectacle and contact lens refractive data, lens and frame information, colors, vendors, dispensary comments, styles, and K-readings
  • Up to five diagnosis codes
  • All personal and medical notes

Eyefinity will not convert products, billing codes, fee schedules, ledger details, service agreements, existing unprocessed insurance claims, and text from letters and postcards from your RLISYS software program into OfficeMate. Also, if the number of recall notices for a patient is zero, the recall date will not be converted (only the last visit date will be converted for these patients). Eyefinity will preserve all products, services, vendors, list box selections, Zip code shortcuts, marketing groups and codes, referring doctors, financial and production groups, recall types, providers, provider hours, business hours, appointment availability, and edited procedure and diagnosis codes that you already entered in your new OfficeMate software. All other information (including patient demographic information, appointments, fee slips, prescriptions, CMS forms, and recall dates) will be overwritten if it is entered in OfficeMate before we convert your patient data. Eyefinity will try and preserve the integrity of your patient data; however, it is not always possible to convert all of your data as it exists in your RLISYS software program. Some data may become truncated due to the size differences of certain fields in OfficeMate and your RLISYS software program. Eyefinity will not remove any duplicate records or change any data values that you have in your RLISYS software program. Based on your Maintenance & Support agreement, Eyefinity will allow RLISYS users to access their data for viewing purposes in the RLISYS program; however, it is the office’s responsibility to keep this program and Maintenance & Support updates. RLISYS Version 5.0 is a prerequisite for converting to OfficeMate.

Contact your Implementation Coordinator at 800.942.5353 or implementation@eyefinity.com for more information on RLISYS data conversions.