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Optimize helps eye care practices save time and hire better people by automatically evaluating every applicant’s cognitive ability, motivation, personality, and initiative using online scientific assessments.

Save Time

  • Stop reading resumes! Research proves it delivers poor results. For example, eye care professionals often favor traits that are not consistently linked with high job performance, such as years of experience.
  • Automatically evaluate every applicant before the interview using our scientific assessments.
  • Interview only the best applicants.

Increase Sales

  • Staff with high scores on our scientific assessments sold on average $100,000 more per year than those with low scores, based on research at over 100 eye care offices across the U.S.

Improve Patient Care

  • With better people working in your practice, you’ll enjoy more satisfied patients who refer their friends and family.
  • Your staff will be a better fit for your practice, receive higher supervisor ratings, and enjoy greater job satisfaction.

100% Guaranteed

If you’re dissatisfied with the system, for any reason, and send us written notice that you want to terminate your license during the first 90 days, we’ll refund your Annual License Fee to you.

“Optimize has taken the guesswork out of the hiring process for our practice. It thoroughly screens applicants and appropriately rates their projected success within a range of positions. The Optimize staff is easy to work with and answers all questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Optimize to any doctor searching for employees who will grow their practice.”
- Dr. Karen Heaston of Heaston & Thompson Vision Clinic, Richland, WA

For More Information

To learn more, call Optimize at 800.330.2020 or visit http://www.optimizehire.com/eyefinity.