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focalCenter is an eyecare feedback company that provides solutions to measure, understand, and improve the eyecare experience for your patients—and the bottom line for your eyecare business. focalCenter has identified the key touchpoints and best questions to survey about the eyecare experience.

eyecareScore® is our leading, evidence-based, patient experience measurement, and reporting tool. The validity testing, scientific approach, and proprietary benchmarks of eyecareScore ensures that you’ll have the most actionable information about what your patients’ experienced. The intuitive scorecard lets you track, compare, and detect those small differences in patient experiences that can have a large impact on your business.


  • Unbiased, authenticated survey methodology (only your patients)
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant
  • Questions tested for statistical validity and reliability
  • Eyecare benchmarks
  • Robust reporting tools
  • Location and provider level details
  • Unlimited surveying
  • Exception alerts
  • Easy setup
  • View or hide results for user by doctor or location
  • Instant and 24/7/365 access


  • Compare your results over time and to your peers
  • Set goals and track employee performance
  • A quality-centered practice equals a high performance practice
  • Improves patient participation, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Monitor your reputation
  • Avoid complaints and lawsuits

eyecareScore gives you a precise measurement of the patient experience—vital to understanding where you’re exceeding or falling short of patient expectations—now, over time, and compared to your peers. Measure not only how satisfied and loyal your patients are, but why. Understand at a glance what’s working well and what’s not. Improve your patients’ experience and you’ll improve your business. Start your free trial now!

For More Information

To learn more, go to www.focalcenter.com/landingpage.

For additional information and to schedule a free demonstration, call 855.239.6444.