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As a healthcare provider, you have patient information that’s required by law to protect. You have databases and patient flies that if lost or corrupted would cripple your practice. So you know you need to back up, but that’s only part of the equation. Even more important is the recovery if you lose or corrupt your data.

That’s why you need DataHEALTH, an experienced cloud backup provider that will not only provide you solid, consistent backups, but will be there to guide and support you through the recovery process from a simple lost file to a daunting server crash.

DataHEALTH powered by Asigra is your solution. DataHEALTH is the leading provider of cloud backup to the healthcare industry. DataHEALTH is the only cloud backup provider to be awarded URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate Accreditation.

Key benefits of DataHEALTH include:

  • DataHEALTH has been a proud OfficeMate Certified Partner since 2003. Because of this cohesive relationship, DataHEALTH is able to provide a level of service that exceeds industry standards for your data storage and recovery needs.
  • DataHEALTH automatically backs up and verifies your OfficeMate/ExamWRITER database files.
  • DataHEALTH is the only cloud backup company to be URAC HIPAA Security Business Accredited along with FIPS 140-2 encryption validated.
  • DataHEALTH’s cloud backup service is powered by Asigra: an enterprise-level, awarding-winning cloud backup software.
  • DataHEALTH’s cloud backup powered by Asigra goes through five key checks to ensure that your data is always restorable.
  • If you lose your data, we’ve got you covered. Our Backup Support professionals have restored data expediently for thousands of customers.
  • Cloud backup with DataHEALTH is cost effective. Pricing starts at $20.00/month, which is less than $1/day!
  • DataHEALTH has certified advanced cloud backup professionals on staff.
  • Our technical support and customer service staff are based in the United States. In a time of emergency, you want support that is stateside. No worries of dealing with language barriers!

DataHEALTH software is the most cost effective, safe, and convenient way to automatically safeguard and store your critical office data. Take advantage of the 30 day free no-obligation trial.


I feel much better about having a regular backup of my patient database and I am happy with the ease of the setup and service your company is providing.
- Dr. David Lotz, Lotz Optometry

When we experienced a server crash at one of our office locations, we attempted to restore our data from our on-site tape backup. However, our tape backup failed us so we quickly contacted DataHEALTH to restore our data from our off-site, cloud backup. DataHEALTH was able to quickly restore our data and we were up and running the very same day. We have been very pleased with DataHEALTH’s secure and reliable online data backup service.
- Edward Hernandez, O.D., Past President, CA Optometric Association | Hernandez Optometry

I am very satisfied with DataHEALTH’s performance as our cloud backup solution. When Hurricane Sandy hit our town, which devastated my office, DataHEALTH was able to quickly restore my data to a temporary machine so I could open for business as soon as possible. Their support representatives were knowledgeable, courteous, and there when I really needed them. I definitely recommend DataHEALTH to other business professionals.
- Mike Pedullo, Park Avenue Eyeland, Long Beach, NY

For More Information

For more information, contact DataHEALTH today at 888.656.3282, option 1, or info@datahealthusa.com.

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