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Are you losing revenue and profit from patient no-shows? Is your recall program cost-effective? Is your schedule full of desired patients? Do staff members spend valuable time manually reminding patients and leaving voicemails?

4PatientCare solutions are tailored to increase staff efficiency, enhance revenue, and build patient affinity. Configure your own communication profile to remind your patients via secure HIPAA-compliant e-mail messages a few days before their appointments, and if the patient hasn’t confirmed, automatically follow-up with a voice-enabled reminder call. You can also text message patients the morning of their appointments. 4PatientCare is a proven, powerful, and cost effective tool that increases practice revenue. Using Internet-based technology and telephony, 4PatientCare dramatically reduces staff time, lowers no-shows, and increases the number of filled appointment slots.

4PatientCare provides:

  • Appointment reminders with confirmation and patient-enabled rescheduling (via secure HIPAA-compliant e-mail, SMS/text, and phone)
  • Appointment recalls (via secure HIPAA-compliant e-mail, SMS/text, personalized postal, and phone)
  • Product pickup notifications (via SMS/text and phone)
  • Web reputation management
  • Web-based appointment scheduling

4PatientCare does not require any additional hardware, software, telephone lines, or equipment. Setup and implementation are quick and convenient. Join thousands of OfficeMate users who use 4PatientCare to communicate more effectively with their patients. Build your practice through the power of 4PatientCare!

4PatientCare manages your eyecare office's phone, SMS/text, e-mail, personalized patient postal recalls, appointment confirmations, and product-ready notifications with our patent-pending Intelligent Escalation Technology.

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