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OfficeMate and ExamWRITER integrate with the following Eyemaginations products:

3D-Eye Home

Eyemaginations' 3D-Eye Home integrates with OfficeMate to deliver 3D-animated narratives directly to the patient via e-mail. It allows you to prescribe educational content before or after an office visit while promoting treatments, products, and services to help the practice grow.

These multiple functions allow you to deliver 3D-animated narratives directly to the patient. By prescribing educational content before or after an office visit, you can:

  • Market your practice 24/7 with the viral nature of e-mail forwarding.
    3D-Eye Home is an effective external marketing tool to drive traffic and referrals to your practice. Patients can click the “About Your Doctor” icon to view your practice information including your Web site, address, phone number, e-mail, and office hours, ensuring that your practice is only one click away.
  • Save time by educating patients prior to and after their visit.
    The 3D-animated narratives combine verbal and visual stimuli to promote better and quicker learning of otherwise unfamiliar concepts.
  • Promote and sell more premium products and services.
    3D-Eye Home ensures that product recommendations are appropriate to the topic at hand. At any time during playback of educational narratives, the patient can access an interactive drawer containing an assortment of relevant treatments, including sponsored options.


Eyemaginations' LUMA integrates with ExamWRITER electronic medical records to create a patient "playlist" based upon the diagnosis code generated from the physical exam. These "playlists" offer 3D graphical presentations to patients on how and why procedures and services are actually performed. Save time by consolidating the delivery of the message into the push of a single button within ExamWRITER!

The system is a 3D animated communication platform geared directly to the patient. The software is designed to run anywhere in the practice including the reception area, pre-test area, exam room, consultation room, optical dispensary, contacts area, and drop area. In the exam room, for example, the practitioner can use the system to present information specific to the patient's diagnosis or outcome. With the practitioner in the room, the system quickly converts to an interactive sketchpad, making it a breeze to draw over top of the moving animation. In the optical dispensary, the LUMA software immediately becomes an optical dispensing aid with the ability to increase revenue on lenses, lens options, and frame sales through a fast and easy "good, better, best" scenario. The software even tracks and monitors the selections to ensure consistent use by the staff.

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