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OfficeMate Certified Partners

OfficeMate Certified Partners provide a strong ROI by automating manual tasks through a seamless integration into ExamWRITER while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, providing improved patient care and retention. OfficeMate OfficeMate Certified Partners feature 3D patient education and product demonstrations and Internet-based technologies including automated data backup.

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Product/Service Brief Description
Eyemaginations Eyemaginations is helping to advance the doctor-patient dialogue with intuitive, interactive software for patient education and practice development.
DataHEALTH DataHEALTH has 16 years of experience in the cloud hosting and backup industry. DataHEALTH can host OfficeMate/ExamWRITER and other software, or provide a cloud backup solution for your local server. DataHEALTH is committed to providing secure and effective cloud services with superior technology and customer service.
ECR Vault ECR Vault is the fast, easy, HIPAA-compliant way to capture, store, and retrieve your paper files electronically. Go paperless in one day!
ePrescribing Submit medication orders and renewals and check for formulary, real-time drug-drug, real-time drug-allergy, and appropriate dosing information electronically.
  Barcode Scanner and Printer The SATO CG408TT barcode printer allows you to print professional price and barcode tags to hang on your frames. The Datalogic Gryphon and Heron scanners allow you to scan those tags.

Hardware Partners

Partner Brief Description
Think Smart Think Smart carries a complete line of Eyefinity-certified servers specifically designed to meet or exceed the OfficeMate/ExamWRITER hardware and system requirements.
North Shore Computer North Shore Computer North Shore Computer offers a competitive selection for all OfficeMate/ExamwWRITER server, workstation, and networking needs, including HIPAA compliance consulting solutions.

Cloud Partners

Partner Brief Description
iManaged Solutions iManaged Solutions iManaged Solutions is the leading provider of reliable, compliant, and high performing cloud infrastructure for your OfficeMate software needs.
Universal Networks Universal Networks Universal Networks offers customer centric HIPPA compliant cloud hosting solutions for OfficeMate/ExamWRITER practices ranging in size from the 2-staff member office to the tune of 200+ multi user groups, with systems tuned to meet the needs of all 3rd party software and interface integrations.



For information about the ExamWRITER equipment interface and the types of equipment with which the interface integrates, click here.

For More Information

For more information about OfficeMate Certified Partners' products, contact the Eyefinity Sales team at 800.269.3666 or sales@eyefinity.com.

For information about partnering with Eyefinity and becoming an OfficeMate Certified Partner, contact the Eyefinity Client Services team at 877.481.4455 or clientservices@eyefinity.com.