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Electronic Medical Record Equipment Integration

Electronic Medical Record Equipment Integration

Note: In order to use the equipment interfaces, you must have already purchased and activated the interfaces. For information on purchasing the equipment interface, contact Sales at 800.269.3666 or sales@eyefinity.com.

ExamWRITER electronic medical records software integrates with several third party diagnostic equipment interfaces to help you automate pretesting, refraction, pachymetry, anterior segment imaging, posterior segment imaging, and visual field documentation, including:

  • Canon (Coming soon!)
  • CenterVue DRS
  • Diopsys (Coming soon!)
  • EyeScape Digital Imaging Systems
  • Heidelberg HRT & Spectralis OCT
  • Humphrey Field Analyzer
  • Humphrey Matrix
  • Huvitz
  • iMACAM
  • Konan Specular Microscopes
  • Kowa
  • Marco
  • Optos
  • Optovue
  • Reichert
  • Topcon
  • Vmax Vision PSF Refractor
  • Woodlyn Medmont
  • Zeiss FORUM
  • Zeiss i.Com
  • Zeiss i.Profiler & i.Scription
  • Zeiss VISUPAC
  • Zeiss VISUREF, VISUPLAN, & VISULENS (Coming soon!)

Additional third party diagnostic equipment interfaces are currently in development.

For a complete list of instrument models that currently integrate with ExamWRITER, see the Instrument Integration list, which is organized by equipment manufacturer. If you prefer a list organized by functional category, instead of manufacturer, see the Functional Instrument Integration list. For information on how the instrument models physically interface with ExamWRITER, read the "How does equipment physically interface with ExamWRITER?" Knowledge Base article and for information about how the equipment interfaces work in a network, read the "How do equipment interfaces work in a network?" Knowledge Base article.