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OfficeMate Enterprise multi-location software utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for data management and analysis, providing centralized setup and maintenance, billing, correspondence, purchasing, and reporting. The Enterprise edition of OfficeMate also features a new, multi-location resource scheduler written in Microsoft’s .NET architecture, centralized inventory tracking, inter-location inventory transfer and tracking, and regional pricing. Another feature unique to OfficeMate Enterprise is a new Rx order status screen that provides “at a glance global views” of all current lab order statuses, payments, and fee slip postings.

The patient center was designed to provide a “one stop shopping” area for patient visit services. It also provides an “at a glance” display of relevant patient information such as demographics, alerts, linked insurance members, and notes. From this center you can record new orders, make payments, edit patient demographics, view past transactions, add notes, and schedule appointments.
  Sample screenshot:
Patient Center
The appointment scheduler is a true multi-location scheduler that allows appointments to be made and searched for across many locations. The search window allows multiple search criteria for open appointments by resource, availability, and provider. Preferences also allow the ability to support a central scheduling model.
Inventory transfer allows the transfer of inventory from one location to another. Enterprise has built in tracking that allows items to be tracked as in-transit. You can credit the on-hand inventory values when they are received. Transfers can be manually maintained and also be automatically created from purchase orders.
Sample screenshot:
Inventory Transfer
End of day reconciliation creates a hard close to the business day for reporting to a central location. This ability ties all daily transactions to a specific cash drawer and detailed accounts. All reporting and transactions have been tied to this processing date to provide defined YTD and PTD analysis.
Sample screenshot:
End of Day Processing
Frame inventory is maintained by location, which also includes the ability to search by board and office location. A detailed accounting of all on-hand and min/max stocking levels by the individual items is also provided.

Sample screenshot:
Products: Frames

Consolidated business analysis reports allow specific reports to be created to meet the needs for multi-location implementations. Summary views of the standard reports that allow comparisons between multiple offices for the analysis of products, financials, trends, and productivity are available.
Sample screenshot:
Vendor Profitability Report