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Call our toll free number, send us an e-mail message, send us a fax message, or write to us directly at our mailing address.

Mailing Address

10875 International Dr., Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-7371
Toll Free Phone Numbers
1.800.269.3666 (Sales and Renewals)
1.800.942.5353 (Customer Care and Training & Education)

Fax Numbers

866.202.6324 (Sales)
866.808.4791 (Customer Care)
916.638.7098 (Maintenance & Support Renewals)
E-mail Addresses
sales@eyefinity.com (Sales)
officematesupport@eyefinity.com (Customer Care)
eyefinitytraining@eyefinity.com (Training & Education)
finance@eyefinity.com (Maintenance & Support Renewals)