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RLISYS 5.0 Update

The latest RLISYS release version is available for you to download on this Web page.

Learning About the New Features

To read about the new features, view the"What's New in RLISYS v5.0" release notes file (readme.txt).

Getting Help

You can access help for RLISYS at any time in the user's guide and online help system. Use the resources readily available to you (user's guides, online help, online Knowledge Base, etc.) to find answers to your questions before calling our support line.

Contact Customer Care at 1.800.942.5353 (6am–5pm, Pacific time, Monday through Friday) or support@eyefinity.com if you cannot find an answer to your question using the resources listed above. If you send us an e-mail with your support question, please provide your phone number so that we can call you back, if necessary. If you call us, note that your calls are answered live by our knowledgeable Customer Care team who will assist you with your support issues. Calls are escalated on an “as needed” basis and are routed to client service professionals, programmers, and other appropriate personnel. Every call you make to the Customer Care team is logged and saved to create an ongoing user profile history for future reference.

Downloading & Installing the RLISYS 5.0 Update

Click here to open a PDF and read instructions that will help you properly download and install the RLISYS 5.0 update.

Remember to

  • Protect your practice and backup your data before you install the RLISYS 5.0 update! For more information on using OfficeMate iBackup Powered by DataHEALTH to backup and protect your data, go to www.officemate.net/officemate_va_DataHEALTH.aspx or send an e-mail to sales@eyefinity.com.
  • Close RLISYS on all of your computers before you begin installing the RLISYS 5.0 update!
  • Install the RLISYS 5.0 update on all of your computers!

Note: This RLISYS version update is approximately 58.7 MB and may take longer for you to install than previous version updates.

Complete the fields below and then click Download RLISYS 5.0 . All of the fields below are required!

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