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Q27624 - FAQ: Why is the Insurance tab in the patient ledger blank?

If you are using OfficeMate v10.5, the Insurance drop-down menu in the patient ledger may be blank if you open the patient ledger by clicking the Ledger button on the Patient Demographics window. The Insurance drop-down menu should list all of the patient's insurance carriers.

To work around this problem, open the patient ledger by using one of the following methods:

  • From the OfficeMate main window, click the Ledger icon, and perform a search for the patient.
  • Click the Ledger button directly on the Patient Center window.
  • On the Patient Demographics window, right-click the blue title bar of the window (the title bar displays the patient's name and age) and select Ledger.

After opening the patient ledger using one of the methods described above, the patient's insurance carriers will be displayed when you click the Insurance tab in the ledger. After you have accessed the patient's ledger using one of the alternative methods, the Insurance drop-down menu will be populated with the patient's insurance carriers when you access the patient's ledger directly through the Patient Demographics window.

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