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Q27063 - INFO: Box 28 and Box 30 Are Zero on Printed CMS 1500 Forms

If you are using OfficeMate v10.5.21 or v10.5.22, and you submit CMS 1500 forms as Print Images, Box 28 and Box 30 autopopulate with zero on printed claims. When the claim is displayed in OfficeMate, Box 28 and Box 30 populate with the correct information from the patient fee slips. However, printed claims display zero instead of the correct information.

This issue only occurs if you print a CMS 1500 form. If you print and mail claims, edit Box 28 and 30 manually after you print a claim. If possible, submit claims electronically until a solution is available.

This issue does not occur in OfficeMate v10.5.23 and above.

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