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Q26608 - INFO: Copay Features in OfficeMate v10.5 and Above

In OfficeMate v10.5 and above, copay information is set up for each patient, and is no longer set up for each insurance plan. Copays and authorizations are also no longer automatically recorded on fee slips. All copay information is now recorded in the Eligibility/Authorization window and is recorded in the Fee Slip window for each fee slip. This new system allows you to enter more accurate copay information for your patients. With the new system, you can:

  •  Set up copay information that is specific to each patient, since not every person on the same plan has the same copay information.
  • Set up copays for a combination of products for each patient. For example, you can set up the copay to be $20 for an exam and $15 for a pair of frames, or you can also set up the copay to be $20 for the combination of exams and frames.
  • Record more than one authorization per insurance.
  •  Use authorizations as many times as necessary before they expire.
  • Record comments about a patient’s copay or eligibility on the Eligibility/Authorization window.

Before recording copay information, set up your preferences so that the Auth/CoPay window automatically opens when you select a patient’s insurance plan on the fee slip. To set up this preference, click Setup in the OfficeMate Administration main window, select Preferences, click the Finance tab, and select the Yes radio button for the Pop-Up Copay/Eligibility information on Fee Slip setting.

You can record copay information in the Eligibility/Authorization window before a patient’s exam when you call the patient’s insurance to check eligibility and authorization. To access the Eligibility/Authorization window, open the Patient Demographics window, click the Insurance tab, and click Eligibility/Authorization. You can enter any notes in the Comments text box about the patient’s eligibility or copay.

You can also record copay information while creating a fee slip for a patient by opening the Auth/CoPay window from the Fee Slip window.

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