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Q23868 - HOWTO: Finding Products that Don't Have a Financial Group

If you use the General Ledger Interface to export general ledger transactions to MAS 90 or MAS 200 or export journal entries to QuickBooks, every product that you sell must be assigned to a financial group. For information about assigning products to financial groups in the Products & Services window or in the Maintain Products window, go to the “Maintaining Product & Service Information” in the OfficeMate Home Office User’s Guide.


To determine which products in your database have not been assigned to a financial group, you must create a report that lists these products. To create a report for products without financial groups, perform the following steps:


  1. From the OfficeMate or OfficeMate Home Office main window click Reports.
    The Reports & Statements window opens.
  2. Click the Custom tab.
  3. Select Inventory Custom Reports.
  4. Click Open.
    The OfficeMate Custom Inventory Reports window opens.
  5. Type a name in the Report Name field, for example, “Products without Financial Groups.”
  6. Select the Use as Title check box.
  7. Select Stock Status from the Report Type drop-down menu.
  8. Select Product Name from the Report Detail drop-down menu.
  9. On the Report Options tab, select all of the Product Status and Consignment check boxes, deselect the Include Inactive Products check box.
  10. Select the Include Products with Zeros in All Selected Quantity Columns check box.
  11. Click the Product Types tab.
  12. Select the Financial Groups radio button.
  13. Click the double-left arrow (<<) to move all items from the Selected column to the Available column.
  14. Double click [None] to move it back to the Selected column.
  15. Select Manufacturer check box from the Report Grouping group to list the products by Manufacturer.
  16. Click Save to save the report settings.
  17. Click Process to run the report.

Use the report to determine which products need financial groups and update the product information in the Products & Services window or the Maintain Products window.

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