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Q23625 - HOWTO: ExamWRITER Fix Open Charges Utility

Note: The information in this article is applicable to OfficeMate Enterprise 2.0.43 and above and OfficeMate Suite 9.0.11 and above users. You only need to use this utility once.

If, when you open closed exams in ExamWRITER, open charges from those exams that have already been billed are recreated in OfficeMate fee slips, follow the instructions below and use the ExamWRITER Fix Open Charges Utility. This utility closes the open charges that were recreated; it also stops charges from being recreated in OfficeMate fee slips when you open closed exams in ExamWRITER. This utility closes all open ExamWRITER procedure code charges.

  1. Ensure that you have posted all valid open charges in OfficeMate.
  2. Click http://oss.ome.s3.amazonaws.com/EWFixOpenChargesNEW.exe.
    The File Download - Security Warning window opens.
  3. Click Run.
  4. If the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window opens, click Run.
    The Fix Open Charges window opens.
  5. Click Fix Open Charges.
  6. Close the Fix Open Charges window after the utility is finished running.
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