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Q22940 - ERRMSG: Runtime Error 430

If you receive an error message that states, "Runtime Error 430 Class does not support automation or does support expected interface," complete the tasks below to resolve the error.

  • Download and install the most recent PCL5e printer driver for the printer that you are using from the manufacturer’s Web site.
  • Ensure that you have installed all of the latest Microsoft Windows service packs and patches, especially those related to the .NET Framework.
  • If you are using OfficeMate v8 or below, navigate to your OfficeMate or OMATE32 and double-click ~OMRegAll.bat. If you are using OfficeMate v9 or above, navigate to your OfficeMate or OMATE32 and double-click ~RegAllOME_DLLs.bat and ~RegAllOME.NetDLLs.bat.
  • Ensure that your Microsoft Windows user permissions are correctly set up (see the related article below for information on setting up user permissions)
  • Re-install OfficeMate/ExamWRITER, including the most recent service pack/patch, if the error continues to occur.
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