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Q20855 - INFO: ANSI 837 version 5010

To help you prepare to meet the new 5010 requirement, we have created the HIPAA 5010 Compliance Center. After you answer a few short questions, the HIPAA 5010 Compliance Center provides you with a customized plan for meeting the new 5010 requirements with OfficeMate v10.5.23 and above. Visit the HIPAA 5010 Compliance Center today.

To prepare for new HIPAA standards and the adoption of ICD-10 codes, the Department of Health and Human Services has adopted new standards for electronic claims in the ANSI 837 format

The compliance date for the ANSI 837 version 5010 was January 1, 2012. Insurance carriers and clearinghouses will accept the current ANSI 837 files through 2011. Note that the CMS enforcement discretion has been extended to June 30, 2012.

ANSI 837 is the file format that OfficeMate uses to send electronic claims to insurance carriers and clearinghouses (unless the user specifies a different format for a specific carrier or clearinghouse). Since OfficeMate creates the electronic claim files in the background, the change to the ANSI 837 format will go unnoticed by you and your staff and will not impact your daily operations. With the change to the ANSI 837 format, however, there are changes to the diagnosis (ICD) codes that will impact you and your staff. Refer to the related article, below, for information about the new ICD-10 codes.

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