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Q20257 - HOWTO: Preparing for OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12

In order to complete a successful upgrade to OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12, you must complete the following tasks before and after your upgrade.


Before You Upgrade to OfficeMate OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12:


Hardware & Systems

1.       Ensure that your hardware components and network environment meet our system requirements posted online at http://www.officemate.net/enterprise_sys_req.aspx.

2.       Ensure that your current version of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER or OfficeMate Enterprise is properly installed and working on all workstations in your practice.



1.       Ensure that all users have been fully trained on the new version.



1.       Schedule time in your practice to upgrade in your compatible hardware environment. You should complete this upgrade when patients are not present in the office as it could take several hours to download and upgrade the software and your system will not be functional during this time. We recommend allowing at least 4 hours for the upgrade process. The download takes 30 to 60 minutes and should be completed the day before your planned upgrade.
Note: Eyefinity Customer Care hours are 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Time.

2.       Schedule time with your IT professional to manage your upgrade.



Complete the following tasks up to one week before your upgrade:

1.       If you are upgrading to OfficeMate 12.0 from 8.0 or below, ensure that all of your users have passwords (and not just usernames) recorded in the User Security window. Passwords must have a minimum of four characters. Ensure that at least one active user is set up as an administrator and has the Access All and Maintain User Security check boxes selected. Only users who have the Access All and Maintain User Security check boxes selected will be able to edit security settings for other users.

2.       Close all of your insurance claims that you are not going to process or that are old. Use the Close HCFA Utility at http://www.officemate.net/omkb/Article.aspx?id=10088 to close your CMS claims.

3.       Ensure that all of your products have a manufacturer and product lens category (if necessary) recorded.

4.       Ensure that all of your insurance information is properly set up on the Insurance tab in the Business Names window (OfficeMate 8.0 and below and OfficeMate Enterprise 1.0 users) or Insurance Billing Initial Setup window (OfficeMate Enterprise 2.0 and OfficeMate 9.0 and above users) to prevent delays in processing your insurance claims after you upgrade.

5.       Visit the HIPAA 5010 Compliance Center to learn more about what you need to do to prepare to send insurance claims using the new ANSI 837 5010 format. 

6.       If you are maintaining inventory or using purchase orders in OfficeMate 9.0 or above, complete the following tasks: 

a.       Ensure that at least one location is set up as a distribution center and transfer any inventory that is in Administration to the distribution center. Refer to the OfficeMate Administration User's Guide for information about maintaining locations and transferring inventory.

b.      Print any POs that are scheduled to be shipped to Administration. You will need the PO numbers to receive the products through the distribution center in OfficeMate.

c.       Print a Stock Status report and note the quantities on order.

d.      Ensure that all POs where the products have been received are recorded as received in OfficeMate.

7.       Complete the following tasks at the end of your business day, immediately before you upgrade:

a.       Record all of your fee slips in the Fee Slips window.

b.      Print the Open Charges report and close all open charges. To use the Close Open Charges Utility, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=21539.

c.       Create all of your insurance claims in the Third Party Processing window.

d.      Print the items in your To Do List because after you upgrade, these items may no longer be available in the new Task Manager and you may have to re-add  them to the Task Manager.

e.      Perform your "end of day" process in the End of Day Processing window (OfficeMate 9.0 and above and OfficeMate Enterprise 2.0 users only).


Backing Up Data

1.       Back up your OfficeMate and ExamWRITER data! For information on backing up your database, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=10006.


After You Upgrade to OfficeMate OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12:


Hardware and Systems

1.       Ensure that you know how to properly back up your SQL database. For information on backing up your SQL database, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=10006. If you use OfficeMate iBackup Powered by DataHEALTH to back up your database, call DataHEALTH at 1.888.656.3282 and verify that they will be backing up your SQL database.



1.       Review all of the new enhancements.

2.       Watch all of the new recorded video tutorials


Insurance Processes

1.       In Administration, click Setup, select Insurance Setup, and review and select additional insurance carrier and plan preferences. Note that if you are upgrading from OfficeMate 8.0 or below, after you upgrade, your insurance carriers will now have a plan associated to them that is the same name as the insurance carrier. If you add a new insurance carrier, you must assign plans to the carrier in the Insurance Setup window. Also, note that the default Pricing Method for your insurance plans is Percentage.

2.       In Administration, click Setup, select Insurance Setup, select Medicare from the Select Carrier drop-down menu, click the Plan tab, select Medicare from the Select Plan drop-down menu, select the Yes radio button next to Include all non-covered items on Claim preference in the Claim Form tab, and click Save. If you select the No radio button next to this preference, you will need to manually add PQRS codes to CMS 1500 forms. If you select the Yes radio button next to this preference, you will need to either create separate fee slips for covered and non-covered items or delete the insurance selection from non-covered line items so that they do not populate on the CMS 1500 form. If you do not complete these steps, PQRS codes that you record in exams will not be recorded on CMS 1500 forms and, therefore, they will not be submitted to Medicare and your claims that require PQRS codes will be denied and will not be able to be resubmitted.

3.       In Administration, click Setup, select Third Party Setup, click the Attributes tab, and add attributes for your products. Ensure that you add the attribute for the lens treatment "Polycarbonate" with the CPT V2784 code and then, after adding it, open the lens treatment in the Products window, click the Product Details tab, and change the base attribute from Mics. Lens Treatment to Polycarbonate.

4.       If desired, close all open charges on or prior to a specific date (OfficeMate 9.0 and above users only). This is not a required function. To use the Close Open Charges Utility, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=21539.

5.       If, after you upgrade to OfficeMate 12.0, you plan to continue to submit print image insurance claims and you are using TriZetto Provider Solutions (Gateway EDI) as your clearinghouse, contact them at 800.969.3666 and ensure that you are properly mapped.

6.       Work with your claims clearing house to submit a test batch of claims to ensure the claims are processed without errors.


Products Processes

1.       Use the Lens Product Loader in Administration to correctly populate your OfficeMate database with ophthalmic lens and lens treatment attributes. For more information on using the Lens Product Loader, see the "Maintaining Product & Service Information" chapter in the OfficeMate Administration User's Guide and the "Using the Lens Loader" recorded video tutorial.

2.       Reselect a lens category for all contact lenses missing a category. If you added contact lens categories in OfficeMate 8.0 or below and you upgraded to OfficeMate 9.0 or above, those categories may no longer be available. To reselect lens categories, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=21608. 

3.       If you received the ophthalmic lens list to submit VSP lab orders electronically while using OfficeMate Enterprise 1.0, complete the instructions at http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=20345 to correctly map your ophthalmic lenses to your product database and PMI codes.


Inventory/Purchase Order Processes

1.       If you are creating POs from Fee Slips, click Setup, select Vendor Maintenance, and select the Stocking Levels and Reorder Points are Maintained for Inventoried Products check box for each vendor as needed.

2.       If you printed a Stock Status report prior to upgrading, compare the quantities on order on the report to the quantities on order displayed in OfficeMate. 


ExamWRITER Processes

1.       If you are using custom templates, then the information in the templates that you previously created will need to be reselected and reprocessed. Due to ICD-10 menu changes throughout ExamWRITER, you must open the templates that you previously created in ExamWRITER and reselect and reprocess all of the diagnosis information in those templates.

2.       For the auto code feature in ExamWRITER to work properly with unilateral procedure codes (92226, 92135, 76519, 92225, and 92235), you must ensure that separate unilateral procedure codes for each eye are set up in the Third Party Setup window in Administration (Procedure Codes tab) in OfficeMate or ExamWRITER (for example, 92226 RT and 92226 LT) prior to coding exams. Then, you must open the services in the Products window and select the appropriate right or left eye modifier for the procedure code.

3.       When you initially installed ExamWRITER, the most common procedure codes were associated to products and services for you. When you upgrade ExamWRITER, new procedure codes are added to your database, but new products and services are not. To use any new procedure codes, you must create new services in the Products window and select the appropriate procedure code from the CPT drop-down menu. This ensures proper billing and automates level II CPT codes for PQRS.


Appointment Scheduler Processes

1.       If you had previously created reoccurring exceptions in the Appointment Scheduler with no end date or an end date that was more than two years in the future, then you must open the reoccurring exceptions in the Appointment Scheduler after you upgrade and select an end date that is within two years . If you created reoccurring exceptions with end dates that were more than two years in the future, the end dates, after you upgrade, will be modified to be two years after the first occurrence of the exception. In OfficeMate 10.0 and above, you cannot create reoccurring exceptions with no end date or an end date that is more than two years in the future; this feature will be reintroduced, however, in a future version of OfficeMate.

2.       Ensure that your preferences, services, office hours, resources, appointment icons, and reminders are set up in the Appointment Scheduler. For more information about setting up the Appointment Scheduler, watch the "Appointment Scheduler Setup" recorded video tutorial.


Other Software Processes

1.       Update your provider lists. If, after you upgrade to OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12, the referring doctors that you had recorded in OfficeMate and the correspondents that you had recorded in ExamWRITER in previous versions may be combined into one list and be shared by both programs. To update your provider lists, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=21827.

2.       In Administration, click Setup, select Location Maintenance, and double-click on each location, including the Administration. Ensure that the tax ID, NPI number, and all other necessary information is recorded and correct.

3.       In Administration, click Setup, select Sales Tax Codes, and record necessary tax codes. For more information on recording sales tax codes, watch the Sales Tax Codes recorded video tutorial.

4.       Modify the default logout time for OfficeMate and ExamWRITER. Due to the new requirements for certified EMRs, OfficeMate and ExamWRITER 12 will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. To increase or decrease the amount of time before the system automatically logs you out, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/Article.aspx?id=21795.


OfficeMate Certified Partner Processes

1.       If you use 4PatientCare to send automated recall announcements to your clients, call 4PatientCare at 1.877.777.9078 and verify that they will be extracting your recall information from your SQL database. Also, be sure that you do not encrypt your database at any time.

2.       If you are exporting statements to TriZetto Provider Solutions (Gateway EDI), call them at 1.800.969.3666 and ask them to remap your statements so that your exports are successful.

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