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Q19138 - HOWTO: Installing the ExamWRITER 8.0.20 Menu Text Patch

If you are using ExamWRITER 8.0.20, download and install the patch below to modify and correct text in ExamWRITER that is related to the following items:


·         Optos Retinal Imaging

·         Binocular vision impressions

·         EOM impressions

·         Red eye treatment

·         Nystagmus treatment

·         Low vision treatment

·         Dry eye treatment

·         Amblyopia treatment

·         Anterior chamber treatment

·         Conjunctival growths treatment

·         Conjunctiva treatment

·         Visual efficiency treatment

·         Neurology treatment

·         Lacrimal system treatments

·         Spectacle plan

·         EOM treatment

·         Corneal abrasions

·         Corneal degenerations

·         Secondary Glaucoma

·         Lens flexure

·         Exogenous

·         Choroidal hemorrhages

·         Mechanical treatments

·         Disc hemorrhages

·         Plateau irises

·         High myopia

·         Keratoconus impressions

·         Responses to spectacles

·         Refractory to spectacles

·         Nodular degenerations

·         Rosacea

·         Refractive therapies

·         Hypertension suspects

·         Diabetes suspects

·         Vitreal hemorrhages

·         Nonproliferative retinopathy

·         Review of Systems

·         Pupils

·         Temporal arteritis

·         Carotid artery stenosis

·         Neuralgia-postherpetic

·         Ocular prosthesis

·         Lid wiper epitheliopathy

·         External Hordeolum

·         Internal Hordeolum

·         Chalazion Eccymosis

·         Extraocular muscle impressions and treatments

·         Glaucoma treatments

·         Allergy treatments

·         Abrasion treatments

·         Keratoconus treatments

·         Orbit impressions

·         Medical history

·         Ocular family history

·         Head and neck impressions


Follow the instructions below to install the patch. Install the ExamWRITER patch on each computer in your office running ExamWRITER.


1.       Close OfficeMate and ExamWRITER on the computer on which you are working.

2.       Click http://oss.om.s3.amazonaws.com/OT28688_28609.exe.
The File Download – Security Warning window opens.

3.       Click Save.
The Save As window opens.

4.       Navigate to the location where you want to save the ExamWRITER OT28688_ 28609 executable file (most likely, your OfficeMate Updates folder).

5.       Click Save.
The executable file is downloaded and saved to the location you specified.

6.       Navigate to the OT28688_ 28609.exe file saved on your computer in the location you specified in step 4.

7.       Double-click OT28688_ 28609.exe.
The Open File – Security Warning window opens.

8.       Click Run.

9.       If your OfficeMate folder is not located on the C drive, type in or browse to your OMATE32 folder; otherwise, skip to step 10.

10.    Click Unzip to unzip the files.
The files are unzipped and stored either in the directory/folder you specified in step 9, or in your C:\OMATE32 folder.

11.    Click OK after the files successfully unzip.

12.    Click Close to close the WinZip Self-Extractor window.

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