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Q17024 - HOWTO: Using the ExamWRITER Templates Utility (Upgrades from v9 and Below Only!)

If you have upgraded to a newer version of ExamWRITER and would like to use some or all of the new templates available with the version, follow the instructions below to download and use the Update ExamWRITER Templates Utility. You only need to run this utility once on one computer running ExamWRITER for your changes to take effect.


Note: If you are a new ExamWRITER user, these templates are available to you already and you do not need to run this utility. This utility should only be used if you are upgrading from ExamWRITER v9 or below.


Warning! Using this utility to import templates more than one time will result in duplicate templates in your ExamWRITER template library. You should only import a template one time!

  1. Ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of ExamWRITER. You cannot use this utility unless you are using one of the versions listed in step 3.
  2. Close ExamWRITER and OfficeMate or OfficeMate Enterprise on all computers.
  3. Click the link that corresponds to your version of ExamWRITER:

For this version of ExamWRITER…

Click this link…

v10 and Above (12.0, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.0, 10.6, 10.5)


v9 (9.0, 9.5)


v8 (8.0)


Enterprise 2.0


Enterprise 1.0


The File Download window opens.

  1. Click Run.
    The Security Warning window opens.
  2. Click Run.
    The WinZip Self-Extractor window opens.
  3. Type in or browse to the local OMATE32 or OfficeMate folder on your computer.
  4. Click Unzip.
  5. Click OK after the files have successfully been unzipped.
  6. Click Close to close the WinZip Self-Extractor window.
  7. Navigate to your OMATE32 or OfficeMate folder that you located in step 6 and double-click the MoveTemplates.exe.
    The Backup Your Data window opens.
  8. Ensure that your data is backed up and click Yes.
    The Update ExamWRITER Templates Utility opens.
  9. Deselect templates that you do not want to add to your ExamWRITER template library; or, click Unselect ALL and then select templates that you want to add to your ExamWRITER template library.
  10. Click OK.
    The Confirm window opens.
  11. Click Yes to continue.
    The templates you selected are added to your ExamWRITER template library.
  12. Click Exit to close the utility.
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