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Q15215 - INFO: Reselecting & Reprocessing ExamWRITER Exam Selections & Templates

If you are upgrading ExamWRITER, then the information in the templates that you previously created will need to be reselected and reprocessed. Due to improvements that were made to the Quick Code functionality and menu selections throughout ExamWRITER (especially due to the new ICD-10 codes), you must open the exams that you copy forward and the templates that you previously created in ExamWRITER and reselect and reprocess all of the information in those exams so that the Quick Code window will display the correct coding levels for the exam and the exam selections will appear in the correct sections in the exam record. In version 12, information that need to be reselected will appear as blue text. If you are experiencing issues editing existing templates in version 12 (for example, ICD-9 codes continue to appear in the template), call Eyefinity Customer Care at 1.800.942.5353 and request that a Customer Service Representative run a script on your system to resolve this error; or, upgrade to 12.0.3 SP3 or above on MyInstallCenter.

Note: If you click on an exam selection in ExamWRITER and you receive an "Obsolete Item" message, the exam selection was updated and moved to a different section in the exam record. Click OK to close the message. You must reselect the item in the exam record to avoid receiving "Obsolete Item" messages for that selection in the future. 

For more information on creating templates and recording information in exams, see the ExamWRITER User's Guide.

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