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Q13501 - FAQ: How does equipment physically interface with ExamWRITER?

The Marco, Topcon, Huvitz, Reichert, and Zeiss VISULENS/VISUPLAN/VISUREF lensometers, digital refractors, autorefractors/keratometers, tonometers, and pachymeters interface with ExamWRITER via a serial cable attached to a computer. More than one piece of equipment can be interfaced at one computer workstation.


The Kowa, Optos, Eyescape, Heidelberg, Konan, Zeiss VISUPAC, Optovue, and Nidek imaging interfaces interface with ExamWRITER by connecting the camera to a computer running the imaging software and ExamWRITER.


The Humphrey Field Analyzer, Vmax Vision PSF Refractor, and Ziess i.Profiler & i.Scription interfaces are connected to the network via an Ethernet cable.


You do not need to install any CenterVue software on the computer on which you are using ExamWRITER. The CenterVue interface connects to the computer via a wireless router or wired Ethernet cable.


The OCULUS, Canon, and Zeiss CLARUS interface connects to the computer via a USB cable.


The Humphrey Matrix is connected to the computer that ExamWRITER is installed upon via the Humphrey Matrix Connectivity Cable.


The iMACAM is connected to teh computer the ExamWRITER is installed upon via an iMACAM cable.


The Zeiss FORUM software interfaces with ExamWRITER via the Internet.


The Zeiss i.Com iPad app uses a wireless Internet connection to send equipment data to a shared folder.


Diopsys and Humphrey Matrix 800 saves report files to a shared folder.


For specific information on how to set up the equipment interfaces, refer to the appropriate chapter(s) in the ExamWRITER Equipment Integration User's Guide at http://www.eyefinity.com/dam/eyefinity/documentation/EW/Equipment-Interfaces-User-Guide.pdf.

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