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Q11241 - INFO: RLISYS to OfficeMate Conversion

Eyefinity/OfficeMate will convert the following types of data from your RLISYS software program to OfficeMate:

  • Patient demographic information (name, address, phone number, SSN, insurances carriers, DOB, gender, marital status, e-mail address, employer, employment status, etc.)
  • Recall dates and types
  • Last exam dates (last visit)
  • Patient and insurance A/R balances forward
  • Insurance carrier information (name, address, phone #, contact, etc.). If you have duplicate insurance names in RLISYS, you must type the code for the insurance carrier after the name so that it is properly converted.
  • Appointment types, future dates and times, providers, and comments
  • Spectacle and contact lens refractive data, lens and frame information, colors, vendors, dispensary comments, styles, and K-readings
  • Up to five diagnosis codes
  • All personal and medical notes

For more information about converting from RLISYS to OfficeMate, view the recorded video tutorial at http://oss.ossu.s3.amazonaws.com/RLI_OM/RLI%20to%20OM%20Conversion.html.



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