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Q10879 - ERRMSG: RLISYS error: "No letters on file."


When trying to print in RLISYS Letter Writing System, after typing in the letter or postcard name, the message "No Letters on File" displays.


  1. Verify file name is on Letter Names list in Letter Writing System.
    1. If letter is not on the list, will have to recreate the letter or postcard, then try printing again.
    2. If letter is listed, go to step #2.
  2. In Windows, search for the letter or postcard name (e.g., If you are searching for letter named Recall01, you would have to search for Recall01.oml).
    1. If the file exists in the \Rlisys\LF directory, go to step #3.
    2. If the file exists in a directory other than \Rlisys\LF, copy the file to \Rlisys\LF directory and try printing again.
  3. If you are using Windows NT or Windows XP server, the \Rlisys or \Rlisys\LF directories may be compressed.  (These instructions are written for Windows XP.)

Note: RLISYS recommends having the assistance of a local qualified computer technician before taking the next steps.  Turning off the compression may have other adverse affects that a technician will be able to correct.

    1. On the server, open My Computer. Open the local drive where RLISYS is installed, right-click the RLISYS folder, and select Properties.
    2. Select the General tab and click Advanced. If Compress contents to save disk space is checkmarked, remove the checkmark, click OK, and click Apply.
    3. If you get message asking if subfolders should be uncompressed, select Yes and click OK.
    4. Windows will display the number of files uncompressed. It may take a moment for the window to close.
    5. Try printing again.
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