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Q10853 - HOWTO: Restoring Rlisys
If your server computer should crash, or if you are replacing the server computer with a new one, you can restore the program if you have a full backup of the system. This backup should contain the \RLISYS folder and all subfolders and files. If you have this backup, you can simply restore the \RLISYS folder and all it's contents back to the root of the hard drive. To setup the icon and variables after that, open the \RLISYS\BLANK\ICON folder and run the Setup.exe file. This will replace the RLISYS icon on the desktop and load any necessary environment variables needed to use the RLISYS program. You must be logged on as an administrator when running this program.

The RLISYS program is fully contained with the \RLISYS folder, there are no registry entries or shared/registered dll's.

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