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Q10844 - PRB: RLISYS or OfficeMate Running Slowly

When operating in a networked environment, RLISYS or OfficeMate my run slowly. This slowness is usually caused by a couple different factors (see below).

Check your network connectivity. We recommend that your network run at a speed of 1000 Mbps (100 Mbps at the least). Running your network at a speed of 10 Mbps can result in slow performance of RLISYS or OfficeMate.

Check your anti-virus program for "real-time virus scanning." This option scans all files when they are opened and closed and can dramatically slow down the performance of RLISYS or OfficeMate as RLISYS and OfficeMate use hundreds of different files to complete their tasks. If this option is on, disable it.  Many anti-virus programs also have the ability to configure Excusions. If this is possible, exclude the RLISYS and OMATE32 folders and all files and subfolders in them.

Note: There are no speed control settings in RLISYS or OfficeMate. The software programs rely completely on your network to transport the data. If you are experiencing network latency, you should contact your network or computer administrator to troubleshoot this problem.

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