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Q10763 - ERRMSG: Errors 400, 189183, & 418105 (Main Resolution)

If you are receiving error message 400, "error handler error 28 out of stack space procedure name: sub_center window," or errors 189183 or 418105, there was an invalid request and the computer is completely unable to parse it. You may be experiencing network problems, such as a time-out, or the request was indecipherable.

If you are receiving an error 400, 189183, or 418105 message while printing, especially while printing CMS 1500 forms or Rx Order forms, ask your IT professional to perform the following actions to resolve the issue:

  • Open the virus software on each computer experiencing the error and disable the 'script blocking,' 'watch for suspicious activity,' or 'enable behavior monitoring' setting (the location of this setting can vary and is dependent on your anti-virus application).
  • Use a business-grade PCL5e-compatible laser printer (preferably an HP LaserJet).
  • Download and install the most recent PCL5e printer driver for the specific printer from the manufacturer’s Web site.
  • Add the following lines to the [System] section of the Omate32.ini file:
    • LABORDERPRINTER=<name of printer>
    • MEDRXPRINTER=<nameofprinter>

If you need additional help using OfficeMate and you are still receiving this error message, review the attached related article below, or contact the Customer Care team at 1.800.942.5353 or officematesupport@eyefinity.com.

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