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Q10630 - FAQ: How do I modify recorded payments?


  • In OfficeMate v10, you must record a payment correction to correct the amount paid.
  • In OfficeMate v10 and above, you cannot change the method of payment; instead, you must reverse the payment and rerecord it. See the linked related article below for more information on reversing payments.
  • In OfficeMate v10.5 and above, you can only change the method of payment if the Allow Payment Method to be Modified system preference is set to Yes (Administration>Setup>Preferences>Finance tab).
  1. Open a patient's receipts and adjustments.
  2. Click History.
    The Receipt History window opens.
  3. If you are modifying an insurance receipt, select a deposit date range in the Deposit Date window and click OK.
  4. Select the payment receipt you want to modify, click Select, and, if you are modifying an insurance receipt, select Load Summary View or Load Detail View.
    The receipt information and fee slip charges paid by the receipt appear in the Receipts & Adjustments window.
  5. Modify the amount paid, method of payment, the way the payment was applied; or, adjust the charges on the receipt.
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