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Q10409 - FAQ: How do I clear out unapplied amounts in OfficeMate?

Unapplied amounts occur when an overpayment is received or an item is returned, but the patient or insurance is not refunded the money.

If you have many unapplied amounts in OfficeMate and you want to "clear them out," you will need to apply them to the correct payments. Look carefully at your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) to see where to correctly apply the amounts. If you cannot find where the amounts need to be applied and you feel that up to this point, you've entered everything in OfficeMate correctly, based on your office policies you can change the check amount by subtracting the unapplied amount from the check.

For more information, refer to the "Recording Receipts & Adjustments" chapter of the OfficeMate User's Guide, which can be accessed from the Help menu within OfficeMate.

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