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Q10144 - ERRMSG: Error 91

If you are receiving an error 91 message when you are trying to open the OfficeMate Suite, you are most likely either experiencing network issues or database issues.

If you are using OfficeMate 7.2 or above and you are receiving this error message when you close the Third Party Processing window before the insurance claims are finished processing or refreshing, you must ensure in the future that the Cancel button at the bottom of the window is available before you close the Third Party Processing window.

If you are receiving this error message on ALL workstations when you try to open the OfficeMate Suite, and you are using the OfficeMate Suite with a Microsoft Access (not Microsoft SQL) database, run the Repair Utility (see the linked article below for instructions on running the Repair Utility). Note: Do not run the Repair Utility if you are using a Microsoft SQL database.

If you are receiving this error message on one workstation ONLY when you try to open the OfficeMate Suite, ensure that your network drives are properly mapped. Review the "Mapping Network Drives" document at http://www.officemate.net/support_om_resources.aspx to remap your network drives or contact your network administrator for help.

If you are receiving this error message, "Object variable or with block not set," when attempting to export a lab order through the OfficeMate Lab Interface, then an eyewear order in OfficeMate has underlying conditions for both eyes set to No Lens or Balance Lens. To resolve this issue, first determine which lab order in the OfficeMate or OMATE32 DATA\Orders or DATA\Lab folder is causing the issue. You can find the order by sorting the files in the folder by date, identifying the last order, and then noting the order number in the file name. The second sequence of numbers in the file name is the order number. For example, if the file name is 7-1234-5678.RXI, then the order number is 1234. After you identify the order and order number, you can open the order in OfficeMate and change its status from 'ready to transmit' to any other status. After you change the order status, you will no longer continue to receive the error message.

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