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Q29325 - INFO: Capturing Provider's Electronic Signature (ePrescribing Registration)

After you complete your Rcopia registration with Eyefinity and open the ExamWRITER ePrescribing Interface from within ExamWRITER, you will be prompted to submit your signature image either electronically (if your state allows it) or via fax. Create your electronic signature using your mouse, or, print and sign the signature form and fax it to DrFirst. (If you cannot see the signature boxes or an X in the top left corner of the window, ensure that Java is up to date on your computer or simply print, sign, and fax the signature form.) Note that the interface will continue to ask you for your signature until DrFirst has processed it. Handwritten signatures are required for e-prescriptions sent to fax-only pharmacies or in the event of an electronic data interchange (EDI) failure. In the event of an EDI failure or transmission to a fax-only pharmacy, DrFirst automatically attaches the image of your signature to the prescription.

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