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Q19200 - ERRMSG: Fee on Line Item is Equal to Zero on Fee Slip

If you receive an error in the OfficeMate or OfficeMate Enterprise Third Party Processing window that states that a "Fee on Line Item is Equal to Zero on Fee Slip," ensure that all service line items with a zero fee are assigned a PQRS or Level II CPT code. For more information on setting up and assigning these codes, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=13513 and http://www.officemate.net/omkb/Article.aspx?id=12657. After you've ensured that the line items with zero fees are assigned proper diagnosis codes and Level II procedure codes on fee slips, refresh the insurance claim and submit it. If you are an OfficeMate Enterprise user, you must click Update Claim & Notes in the Fee Slip window and then refresh the insurance claim and submit it.

After you refresh the claim, you should not receive this error message again, unless you are using the OfficeMate VSP Interface and trying to submit a Level II procedure code, in which case you will receive the error and you will be unable to submit the insurance claim to VSP. Currently the ability to submit $0 fees on insurance claims is only available with Medicare, and not VSP. Go to https://www.cms.gov/PQRS/ for more information on PQRS program guidelines.

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