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Q17471 - HOWTO: Downloading OfficeMate Suite 8.0.21

While OfficeMate Suite 8.0 is still supported at this time, it is not the latest version. To download the latest version, go to myinstallcenter.officemate.net.


To download OfficeMate Suite 8.0, perform the following steps:

  1. Download and print the Installing and Activating the OfficeMate Suite document. Follow the instructions the correspond to your installation type to ensure a smooth installation of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 8.0.

Note: To eliminate User Account Control messages in Windows Vista and Windows 7 before installing OfficeMate Suite 8.0, follow the these instructions to disable the User Account Control (UAC) feature.


You must install this latest version to use the current and most up-to-date copy of the OfficeMate Suite. Although we do not anticipate any issues, we advise you to upgrade your OfficeMate Suite during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. OfficeMate staff will not be available to help you if you need immediate assistance over the weekend.


Important Note About Upgrading to Version 8.0.21 

If you are currently using OfficeMate or ExamWRITER 8.0.20, you only need to upgrade to version 8.0.21 if you want to use any of the new interfaces listed below that are included in version 8.0.21.


If you are currently using OfficeMate or ExamWRITER 8.0.20 and you are adding additional computers to your office or you need to reinstall OfficeMate or ExamWRITER 8.0.20 on an existing computer, install version 8.0.20


Learning about the New Features
After you install OfficeMate Suite version 8.0, be sure to read about the new enhancements in OfficeMate 8.0 and the new enhancements in ExamWRITER 8.0 . If you are upgrading from OfficeMate Suite 5.x to 8.x, ensure that you have read the OfficeMate and ExamWRITER 5.1, 6.4, 7.0/7.1, and 7.2/7.3/7.4 Enhancement documents located at www.officemate.net/support_om_resources.aspx and www.officemate.net/support_ex_resources.aspx. In order for you to understand and use all of the new features that were implemented in each OfficeMate Suite version, you must read each version's enhancement list. We also highly recommend that you view the ExamWRITER 8.0 Enhancements recorded video tutorial here.


The new enhancements in OfficeMate 8.0.21, specifically, are

  • Comsquared Systems interface
  • i.Terminal by ZEISS interface
  • Eyemaginations 3D-Eye Home interface

The new enhancements in ExamWRITER 8.0.21, specifically, are

  • Woodlyn Medmont interface
  • Comsquared Systems interface
  • Marco capture software
  • Ability to specify the start and end characters of data source files on the Setup ExamWRITER Equipment Interfaces window. These characters identify specific files from which the interface is importing data.
  • Ability to add a "Recorded By" user on the Notes and Addendum windows.
  • Ability to add information to addendums that have already been recorded.

Getting Help

If you need help, we highly suggest that you use the resources readily available to you (user's guides, F1 online help, online Knowledge Base, recorded video tutorials, instructor-led courses, etc.) to find answers to your questions before calling our support line. 


Contact Customer Care at 800.942.5353 (6am - 5pm, Pacific time, Monday through Friday) or support@officemate.net if you cannot find an answer to your question using the resources listed above. If you send us an e-mail with your support question, please provide your phone number so that we can call you back, if necessary. If you call us, note that your calls are answered live by our knowledgeable Customer Care team who will assist you with your support issues. Calls are escalated on an "as needed" basis and are routed to customer care professionals, programmers, and other appropriate personnel. Every call you make to the OfficeMate Customer Care team is logged and saved to create an ongoing user profile history for future reference.


Important Note for ExamWRITER Upgrades About the New Templates 

If you are upgrading from ExamWRITER 7.4.2 or below to ExamWRITER 8.0, the templates that you previously created will need to be reprocessed due to changes that were made to the Quick Code functionality. Also, the information already recorded in exams that you copy forward to ExamWRITER 8.0 will need to be reprocessed. After you upgrade to ExamWRITER 8.0 you must manually open the exams that you copy forward and the templates that you created using previous ExamWRITER versions and reselect and reprocess all of the information in those exams. For more information on creating templates and recording information in exams, see the ExamWRITER Getting Started Guide.


Separately, If you would like to use some or all of the 47 new templates available with ExamWRITER 8.0, go to http://www.officemate.net/omkb/article.aspx?id=17024 and follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article to download and use the Update ExamWRITER Templates Utility. To view an online iTrain video that instructs you on how to use the Update ExamWRITER Templates Utility, click here 


Important Note for OfficeMate Customers Using VisionWeb Insurance Processing
If you are upgrading from OfficeMate 7.2 or below to OfficeMate 8.0, you will need to have a mapping adjustment performed after you install version 8.0 to ensure that you can continue to process insurance claims successfully.

  1. Create a batch with no more than 10 claims.
  2. Submit the batch for processing as usual. All of those claims will reject on the Claim Confirmation Report, which you receive within four hours of submitting the batch.
  3. After you receive the Claim Confirmation Report, call the Help Desk at (866) 745.4951. The Help Desk will use the new batch of claims to create a case and will provide you with a case number.

A Help Desk representative will contact you in 5–7 business days to notify you that the mapping readjustment is complete you can resume sending your claims electronically.  Please do not submit any additional claims through VisionWeb until you receive this notification.


If you experience any difficulty processing insurance transactions after the installation and mapping process is complete, contact the Help Desk at 866.745.4951 for assistance.

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