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Q13219 - ERRMSG: Error 13

If you receive error 13 while trying to print a contact lens Rx order for a patient, ensure that the underlying conditions (if applicable) are recorded properly and that the lens name information is recorded properly. If, after ensuring that this information is properly recorded, you continue to receive error 13, you might be experiencing database issues. If this is the case, contact Customer Care at 1.800.942.5353.

If you receive error 13 while clicking the Order/Of arrow buttons in an Rx window to view previous orders and while using OfficeMate with a SQL database, close the error message and OfficeMate, and then reopen OfficeMate. In order to prevent this error message from occurring, record the Rx before clicking the Order/Of arrow buttons to view previous Rx orders. Eyefinity is aware of this error message and is working to resolve it in a future version of OfficeMate.

If you receive error 13 while creating third party processing claims, ensure that you do not have different providers selected on multiple lines on the fee slip. If you do have different providers selected, open the fee slip and select the same provider from the Provider drop-down menu on each line.

If you receive error 13, "Type Mismatch on procedure: Fun_CreateHCFA," while attempting to view a CMS 1500 form on the Fee Slip window, open the patient's Demographic window, click the Insurance tab, select the insurance plan that is on the CMS 1500 form, click Eligibility/Authorization, and ensure that each authorization contains an expiration date.

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