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Q10548 - FAQ: How do I link patients together in OfficeMate?

You can link patients in OfficeMate using the Guarantor feature on the Patient Demographic window. A guarantor is the person who is responsible for paying the patient's account bills. If the patient is responsible for paying his or her own account bills, the guarantor is Self. Typically, family members have the same guarantor.* If you link a patient's address to a guarantor and you modify the guarantor's address, the patient's address and all other family members' addresses linked to that guarantor will also be modified.

To record a guarantor for a patient, click the button next to Guarantor and follow the instructions below:

  • If the patient's current guarantor is Self, enter search information in the Last Name, First Name, and SS No text boxes and click F2 Find to find and select an existing guarantor or click New and go to step b to create a new guarantor for the patient.
  • If the patient's current guarantor is not Self, or if you are creating a new guarantor for the patient, complete the information in the Guarantor Information window or click F2 Find to find and select a different guarantor. For more information on adding a new guarantor, see the linked related article below.

*In order to link family members in OfficeMate who don’t have a guarantor (i.e., husband and wife), you need to use the guarantor feature. So, for example, if you have a family with a husband, wife, boy, and girl, and the boy and girl are using the husband’s insurance carrier, then you should choose the husband as the boy and girl’s guarantor. In order to link the husband and wife, though (even if they have separate insurance carriers), you will still need to assign a guarantor to one or the other. So, you could choose the husband as the wife’s guarantor, but then under the wife’s Patient Demographic Insurance tab, select the Patient radio button in the Insured Party section so that her bills are sent to her insurance carrier, not her husband’s insurance carrier.

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