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Q10105 - HOWTO: Running the OM Integrity Utility

If the Eyefinity Customer Care team instructs you to run the OM Integrity Update Utility on your computer to correct your OfficeMate Suite database's referential integrity, complete the instructions below:

Note: You must be using the OfficeMate Suite with a Microsoft Access (not Microsoft SQL) database to run this utility.

  1. Close OfficeMate and all other applications on all computers.
  2. Back up all of your data!
  3. Run the Repair Utility; otherwise.
    For more information on running the Repair Utility, see the related article link below.
    Note: If you encounter an error while running the Repair Utility, do not complete the following steps; instead, call the Customer Care team at 800.942.5353.
  4. Navigate to the C:\OMATE32 or C:\OfficeMate folder on your server (or workstation if you are using a dedicated server).
  5. Double-click OMIntegrityUpdate.exe.
    The Integrity Update Warning window opens.
  6. Click Yes to begin the database correction process.
    The Integrity Update Utility window opens.
  7. If you want to assign default birthday appointment letters to patients, select the Assign patient default Birthday Appointment letters? check box.
  8. Click Run Update.
    Your database is corrected.
    Note: If you encounter an error while running the OM Integrity Utility, click System Information, write down the Form Name and Procedure, and then call Customer Care at 800.942.5353. Do not continue running the utility!
  9. Click Exit.
    You can now resume using the OfficeMate Suite.
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