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eClaim Claim Resource Center


eClaim provides a single, convenient online location to process all of your claims, whether your claims are VSP, government, or commercial. Choose from over 1,000 carriers and quickly file claims online without worrying about billing codes and provider numbers—eClaim stores it all for you. Plus, with automatic error checking, your claims will be filed right the first time, allowing for quicker reimbursements and less time spent contacting carriers. eClaim offers status reports at the touch of a button. eClaim Tracking allows you to check the status of a claim and manage all your claims efficiently.

  • Get paid more quickly—Paper claims can take up to 60 days to process, while claims sent through eClaim take only 7 to 14 days.
  • Reduce rejections—Paper claims have an average rejection rate of 30%, while claims sent through eClaim rejection rate of less than 5%.

Claims for VSP and most commercial carriers can be submitted without enrollment. For help with government carrier enrollment paperwork, use our free, automated EnrollAssist program and let Eyefinity/OfficeMate do the work for you.

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