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Contact Renewals

Based on your product, use the information below to contact our Renewals team and renew your software program.

OfficeMate Suite Renewals

Maintenance & Support is a mandatory, non-refundable annual fee that all clients must pay for each OfficeMate Suite licensed software product. Maintenance & Support fees support an annual renewal of your OfficeMate/ReportWRITER/ExamWRITER license, all software upgrades, 24×7×365 access to online recorded video tutorials, and toll-free help desk services for OfficeMate Suite products.

To renew your OfficeMate Suite Maintenance & Support, fax your renewal to 916.638.7098. For questions regarding your Renewal Password, call the Renewals department at 800.269.3666, or complete the form below.

RLISYS Billing Inquiries & License Updates

For RLISYS billing inquires or license updates, call the RLISYS team at 800.269.3666.

COS and Delta Renewals

To renew your COS or Delta program, call 800.269.3666, or complete the form below.

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You can also send us an e-mail at finance@eyefinity.com.